〘♢〙Midnight Lagoon

〘♢〙Midnight Lagoon

Hair: taketomi —— mckenna♡
Skin: insol —— mia♡
(with personal blush/eye/face layer overlay)
Eyes: anatomy —— dragon eyes♡
Brows: nar mattaru —— tara brows♡
Lashes: bossie —— …♡
Lipstick: suicidal unborn —— flavored lip gloss♡
Mesh Head: catwa —— uma♡
Mesh Body: slink —— hourglass♡
Shape: personal —— personal♡
Scales: cynefin —— body scales♡

Horns: plastik —— araxxis gacha♡
Ears: mandala —— steking ears♡
Bindi: plastik —— araxxis gacha♡
Tail: plastik —— araxxis gacha♡
Collar: voluptasvirtualis —— charline♡
Top: voluptasvirtualis —— susan♡
Body Chain: voluptasvirtuals —— yilak3♡
Hip Chain: cerberuscrossing —— mucronate chains♡
Tanga: cerberuscrossing —— iron maiden gacha♡
Taken @ The Bay

〘♢〙Girl, Bye.

〘♢〙Girl, Bye.

Just a fun picture. I have a lot of credits to do, but this one may or may not get them, since it was more personal fun then for blogging ♡

〘♢〙 Timorous

〘♢〙 Timorous

I misplaced my credit list for this one, so it’ll be short this time around. Apologies!

Ears are Evermore.
Tears are Cureless.
Outfit is Caboodle.
Hair is Taketomi.
Backdrop is Foxcity.

〘♢〙 Soul Weaver

〘♢〙 Soul Weaver

Hair: truth —— fiji♡
Skin: cureless —— mia♡
Eyes: cureless —— …♡ *
Brows: aii —— …♡*
Mesh Head: catwa —— uma♡
Mesh Body: slink —— hourglass♡
Body Augment: slink —— petite augment♡
Shape: personal —— personal♡
Tattoo: immodest —— calamity♡

Horns: aii —— devilish prestige♡
Collar: cerberuscrossing —— hells harbringer♡
Top: omnis —— bandages♡
Corset: omnis —— eilo♡
Bottom: voluptasvirtualis —— susan♡
Garters: voluptasvirtualis —— charline♡
Boots: omnis —— shi boots♡
Arms: omnis —— black widow♡
Tail: mor —— demon tail♡
Hanging Skull: aii —— …♡*
*Advises that I only know the brand, and can’t remember the specific item.

Sync’D Motion__Originals – Indencente

This slow and sexy set was at the most recent round of blush. If you need to add to your collection for your weekend light night parties at popular places like The Bay, then this will definitely spice it up for those slower, sexier songs. I like to watch myself dance around with it while listening to slow trance. I can’t be the only person who does this!

If Blush is closed, like all other dances, they are very promptly set for sale at the mainstore in-world so you don’t have to wait, even if you are as slow as I am!

Sync’D Motion__Originals – Corazon I

I’m a little late to the party on this one, and I’ve done everyone a disservice. This one is sexy and fun, with a hint of southern flavor. It’s definitely right on trend these days with music this season.

Sync’D Motion__Originals – Jumanji II

New dance set, a part two, Jumanji II, now available @ Shiny Shabby!
I gave this one a good play through, ended up dancing to myself for an hour, and even took a video.
Ugh, so sexy.


• Marketplace:

• InWorld Store:

★ My credits include:
Taketomi, Omnis, & Voluptas Virtualis.
Backdrop by Foxcity.

Taxi to Shiny Shabby!
Head on over!

Sync’d Motion__Originals – Jumanji

What year is it?! Just kidding, really old Jumanji joke.
Regardless, Sync’d never fails to make me want to dance in my own little world listening to youtube.
This is no different. It was originally out at Access, but you can make sure you don’t miss it by heading to the Mainstore (I’m a bit behind!)