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About the blog., originally awesome sauce (awesomesause @ wordpress), has been around since 2010. It's gone through multiple evolutions, until finally obtaining a name change and this dot com in mid 2017.

Originally simply just a LOTD blog, it's now become more photographic and artistic, with most pictures being hand edited.

I'm proud to say that all images are hosted over on Flickr, where there are over 3.8k followers, with photos receiving 200+ faves and some pictures reaching over 16K (yes, 16,000!) views.

The blog is syndicated to some of the top SL blog feeds on the grid, included IHeartSL and more.

about the author.

In real life, I'm a Year of the Snake and a Pisces. I'm 29, and live and work in the Northeast United States, in the state of Vermont.

I work full time, enjoy gaming, and really appreciate the artistic aspects Second Life lets me dive in to.

I am the proud cat mom to the cutest Japanese Bobtail, affectionately named Hakutaku (白澤). He is very chatty.

I've had a crazy wild ride of a life, and Second Life has always been something I come back to or fall back on, when I needed an outlet for art, or even to reach out to the amazing people I've had the opportunity to become friends with.


want to connect?

For those of you looking to reach me, please don't hesitate to message me in-world at Verinne Ansar. It is a legacy name with a last name.

For more formal contact, you can e-mail my at my sl-based e-mail:

just no.

In regards to any and all drama associated with me, I make it a strong point to stick to my values. I do not delete, remove, or take down, any items, unless proven false or inaccurate.

If you have information to counter anything on this blog, please e-mail to the provide e-mail on this page.

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