[PHOTO.] Tutor Me, Senpai

[PHOTO.] Tutor Me, Senpai

Ecchi till I die all these lolis call me (senpai).
Rubbing on her thighs she stay wet for her (senpai).
Shawty so kawaii, and would die for her (senpai).
Ride and watch hentai, all the time with (senpai).


Hair: taketomi —— reina♡
Skin: insol —— mia♡
Eyes: song —— bubble eyes♡
*available @ notice me senpai!
Brows: bossie —— …♡
Lips: song —— cutie lip tints♡*
*available @ lookbook july ’18!
Mesh Head: catwa —— uma♡
Mesh Body: slink —— hourglass♡
Shape: personal —— personal♡
Nipples: omnis —— cutenipples♡
Tongue: cerberusxing —— stfu trap♡
Ears: random matter —— eura♡
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Collar: pretty mess —— mia collar♡
*available @ notice me senpai!
Uniform: bossie&muka —— notice me senpai♡
*available @ notice me senpai!
Stockings: blueberry —— love bite gacha♡
Shoes: slackgirl —— kalua♡
*available @ notice me senpai!
Skybox/Decor: haikei —— school gacha♡
Books: cosmic dustl —— stack of books♡

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