[PHOTO.] Vaccine

[PHOTO.] Vaccine

Mask: KATAT0NIK – Blackout Hood (RE:Japonica)
Dress & Hat: KATAT0NIK – Apron Dress & Hat (RE:Japonica)
Nipple Rings: CERBERUSCROSSING – Kinky Cobra
Gloves: KATAT0NIK – Ruffle Skeleton Gloves (SaNaRae)
Boots: MOON ELIXIR – Lush
Collar: GABRIEL – Take Me Leash

Hand Syringe: DEADWOOL – Syringe-x (modded)
Syringe Tray: NEFARIOUS INVENTIONS – Turn and Cough Syringe Tray

Mannequins: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Spook Show Gacha
Arm in the chair: DEADWOOL – Corpse Arm
Wheelchair: 22769 – Abandoned Asylum Gacha
Eyeball Container: 22769 – The Butchers Attic Gacha
Bags, Boxes, Rug: 22769 – The Butchers Attic Gacha
Hallway: LEIJIN – The Red Light Special

Original: i.gyazo.com/fd3acfa279db05f3b51c7ac93e122472.png

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