Averylust – The Bodysnatcher Part 2

I’m glad I woke up to feed my cat because I wonder how long this big, slanderous, full of bullshit backpedal and attempt to spare herself the pain of her already completely damaged reputation, will stay up before she deletes it. Like, it took a blog post for you to stop hiding behind friend filters with your pictures and post them? Really? I guess when you can’t go push an “Abuse Report” button under the images, you have to, right?


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Now. Seeing as how on my flickr, when I made shit like this she was not blocked, and was more then able to respond and defend herself, however I’m not capable of doing that on hers (why would I be, what’s logic), I’m going to respond to these pieces of bullshit one by one.

Also. Make up your mind. This shape has been the same one since one and two. So honestly. You both keep saying “omg its cy’s shape” or “omg it’s verinnes” and yet you can’t actually pick one. Because it’s actually neither. You guys are just obsessed. And amazingly enough, it’s the same shape in the last three pictures I’ve had on my profile just different angles.

That’s a lie. The only picture we called Considerably Ordinary’s, which was hers, you deleted. It was your questionnaire picture. The question is why did you delete that image? I guess I could ask, why did you delete plenty of images that were used in my images to compare if you’re not guilty, but let’s not dwell on that.

Oh, and thank you for admitting you’re stalking me or using someone else to do it.

While I’m at it. Noone thinks I’m Verinne. They really don’t. Just like they don’t think I’m Considerably Ordinary. In reality, the reason why recently “I look like Verinne” is because she’s taking things from the outfits I put together and using them. Shall I show examples? Alrighty. Look at the dates. She even made her Maitreya shape wider to look like mine. Her original one vs her new one. I think someone is just wanting to change to look like me now.

Plenty of people think you’re me. I’m not making that up. I’m sorry if you can’t comprehend how fucking obvious you are, but it’s obvious. You’re not fooling anyone, and the fact you keep having to delete posts, hide posts, edit posts, whatever, is even more obvious that you’re aware of that.

For my maitreya shape? You mean the fact I shortened my legs? That’s because you took my fucking Maitreya shape. I’m going to change parts about my fucking avatar so I can still feel like it’s mine, because you fucking stole it.

All those comparisons?

Mine vs Hers.

Mine vs Hers.

Mine vs Hers.

Number one, you’re comparing one of the first posts you did using my shape. This was right after you deleted the one trying to defend yourself and started wearing blindfolds to hide half of your face because of how fucking obvious it is. My blood moon picture is using Slink Hourglass, not Maitreya, and I’m a blogger for Aii, I’m more then allowed to wear her shit — and wear it better then you.

Number two, you’re comparing my Maitreya shape with the original longer legs, with my now shorter Maitreya shape. Hey, don’t forget to mention that those valentine e sleeves you’re wearing were in one my most recent blog posts you read. Thanks for the views.

Number three, again you’re comparing Slink Hourglass to Maitreya. Of which, weren’t you planning on switching to Hourglass as well, before you accidentally drag and dropped Considerably Ordinary’s shape on her? That’s why you wanted her shape to begin with, wasn’t it? Because she uses Hourglass.

So, when you want to compare my face to your face, like in my gif here

That’s when it’s the most fucking obvious you’re a lying bitch.

Moving along.

See, this actually doesn’t bother me because it means I’ve become her inspiration whilst I simply went back to my old style.

One. Two. Three.

Your old style? When did anyone question you about your fucking clothing choices? When was this about what you’re wearing? Last I checked, this was about the fact you copybotted my body shape and act like you didn’t. More-so, you’ve stalked my fucking blog since 2011. Your style? You’re just a blog-reading copycat and I’m still far more creative then you’ll ever be.

Now, when Verinne claimed I was stalking her favourites, it wasn’t that. We follow the same people and most likely we click like on something that the other didn’t see. She goes before some of my likes and sometimes after. However I did actually catch her stalking mine because I went back to a post from January 2015 and liked it and guess who magically did so after? Oh look. Sort of caught yourself out there considering I only like it about a week or so ago. And the other test I did. Again. Honestly, I think you did well outing yourself as the one stalking favourites there.

Ah, the favorites game. You think I’m not supposed to pay attention to an images upload time? Or, were you expecting me to be so oblivious to your attempt to smear me that you know I was watching your favorites because people told me you were faving images after me. I was well aware you were trying to bait me out, but it also made you well aware I wasn’t just letting you go off and be me and you knew I was there enough that you started hiding picture visibility using friends and family tags. The hope was you’d get the fucking idea you’re not getting anywhere with your crazy liies, but just like on tumblr, you keep on trying.

Or where she admits to following me to a sim and claims this is her shape. I didn’t realize your eyes were so big, your nose was so different. I guess you changed your shape to look like mine then. The picture was sent to me by one of her many friends FatalStynax. I just gyazo’d the original one in case they deleted it.

What are you even talking about? Fatalsyntax is me, and everyone is aware of that concept. You’re an idiot, and more-so, what do you mean the nose is different and the eyes are different? You mean you learned to use and tweak some sliders for once? Moving up in the world huh, using a copybotted shape and actually tweaking it slightly in hopes no one will notice. Just because you increased your eye size slider, doesn’t mean anything because my nose was small when you copybotted me. Believe me, I stare at my own face in half dress enough to know. Because, it’s my face.

Time for the best one

Oh, and to make things more funny? Aestriferous was made for me by Verinne’s alt whom befriended me after we originally fought. Convenient. The great thing about that? I have the logs. Now watch her scurry to change or hide them. It’s amazing what people learn when they’re decent and come to you in game and ask what happens. Good work.

Please share me these logs on how Aestriferous is me.

I am quite interested in reading your chat logs from you dual-boxing Averylust and Aestriferous like you were doing when you were claiming I got someone to hack the Aestriferous Account. Please share them for public viewing so that I can laugh at how desperate you are. I hope you got my way of typing down, because if not, it’ll be fucking obvious.

Another point I’d like to make. Me using Considerably Ordinarys shape. Firstly, I don’t have it, just like I deleted Verinnes. The shape you see is my old one with a sharpened chin and eyes that were shrunk a little. Reasons why the shape isn’t hers. When I met Cy in world, she was using Slink Hourglass Shape. Not Maitreya. From my own learning, going from the slink shape to the Maitreya makes it smaller and doesn’t match the original shape. Two. She was wearing mesh lips which her shape had been modded to fit, since I derended her lips at one point since I didn’t like them. I also have the same lips on two previous posts, here and here. Hell, even in the Kumiho Innocent post you can see it’s the same damn shape. The only thing I did was + the legs to 100 instead of 95. So explain to me how that works?

We’re well aware you’re no longer using her shape, but you wanted it because you wanted to use Slink Hourglass. The most obvious reason you’re not using it is because she called you out as soon as you did it with a screenshot of you using Aestriferous to copybot her so obviously you can’t use it. Whereas for me, you’ve played this victim of hacking, bullying, victim, all the while you’re telling people shit when they as you if you’re me that, “oh she was mean to me so I tried to look just like her”. Do you think you trying to be in Gor, where I’ve been for 90% of my SL was going to be the best idea?

The fact you’re trying to compare mouths that don’t even look like the ones from the now deleted questionnaire picture is pretty hilarious. Also, derendered someones mouth because you didn’t like it? What the fuck kind of ridiculous piece of bullshit is that? Yeah, I don’t like that persons FACE so I’m going to derender half of it just because. 


Also, I don’t wear the blindfold to hide my eyes. I wear it because my owner told me to and it’s apart of various characters. Otherwise, what is the point in hiding such a thing when all someone needs to do is derender it? There isn’t. So don’t try and use that BS excuse. If you wanted to see my eyes without a blindfold, just had to ask. Because until a few days ago, they were this big.

Oh, let’s make more made up reasons why you’re doing something. Regardless, yeah, we checked that one out and we had a good laugh.

Again, congrats on learning to use a slider — and before you try to defend something, like my titty size or your body size versus mine in this picture, you’re wearing my old maitreya shape in this picture and again, I’m wearing fucking Slink Hourglass.

Believe me, it’s be tried and tested and no matter what you do, you’re using my fucking shape.

Also. Another point I’d like to make. To all these people, especially that one moron who keeps saying “She was in the HUB the other day harassing people and had a copybot item of Aii’s blindfold.” Give me a date, give me the logs because I can guarantee you, that you’re saying BS. I don’t have copybotted mesh items, especially from Aii because I paid over 3k on her damn gacha to get the ones I wanted. So yes, give me the logs Aiko, give me a date because you can guarantee I have a RP log or IMs with me being with someone. I’d also like to point out that it’s AMAZING I was sitting there in the HUB and you have no logs, no evidence or even any proof of said copybotted item. But I would have had to be there for a while for you to see it. So if you’re going to make up utter bullshit then at least have the evidence to go with it.

I think it’s funnier that you want chat logs when you’re going to send us ones of you talking to yourself pretending Aestriferous or some alt is me. If I sit on mobile all day at work, then come home and I’m on Verinne, when the hell did I get the time to give you some alt with a name that sounds like one of your tumblr blogs? Logic, obviously. *eyeroll*

I’m more inclined to believe Aiko that you were in there acting like Queen V (get it, not B, because she copybotted me, not Beyonce) and wearing copybotted items, then I am to believe that your crazy ex is who hacked your accounts — oh, but we’re back on the other lie, that it was me who did that. Not your ex. The story keeps changing, my bad.

Anywho. unlike Verinne who keeps making posts and posts and posts about this and saying it will be her last one, this will be my only one. Those that want proof of the original owner of Aestriferous. Message me IW so I can send you the logs. Enjoy the stalking, mimicking and utter bullshit.

Again, please share these chat logs that will obviously show that you were talking to yourself while you try to pretend it’s me.

Now, maybe if you weren’t hiding behind comment restrictions, contact group image privacy, or changing your lies about how these situations transpired, people might be more inclined to believe you. However, you copybotted me and got caught.

Why don’t you explain to all of us, since you took the time out of your day to try to defend yourself, to explain why on your Seerbound tumblr, you have a character named Raiden Takahiro and your alt you pretended to be the stranger who copybotted me was Raidentakahiro Resident. Please, explain that to everyone. 

Please see Considerably Ordinary’s Post while it’s up. I’m sure she’ll AR it.

(thats a link)

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  1. This is completely insane and rather scary. I don’t know what you can do to make it stop but I wish you the strength to deal with it. Keep your head up, it’s not in vain.

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