Averylust – The Body Snatcher, Part Three (End of the Trilogy)


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I’m sure everyone was wishing these were done and over with, but I think after obtaining this gem of a fuck up, her own idiocy speaks more for her then I ever could. I’m not going to rant much, I’m just going to leave my response to the numbers to each piece of information that’s highlighted and numbered. If you have any questions, please feel free ti message me in-world. If you don’t know my name, it’s Verinne Ansar.

#1.) I did not have access to Amphetamine Resident. This is an alt account of Trevor, my boyfriend. I didn’t receive the information to log in to this account until halfway through April, because I use this account on mobile during the week because it sits in the Gor Hub, because Verinne is banned for being a meanie.

#2.) This one is great. Here is her name from that time for her “chatlogs”, and from *my* chatlogs. I guess when she was writing her chat-log fan fiction she forgot that her name included special characters. It was probably too much effort on top of the already obvious hours worth of time she put in to creating these. However, It’s one of the most obvious, glaring fuck ups of the fictious logs.

#3.) That’s a really funny sentence coming from me, when I was in GE for a long while with Trevor, from Norsvald to Kassau and etc. I hadn’t been in BTB for years and I haven’t been interested in RPing for years.

#4.) Still before April, so I still didn’t have access to this account btw. Even if I did, why would I be “TPing around a lot”? Where the hell would I even be? A BTB RP Sim? What the fuck for? Amphetamine Resident has a low cut dress on with a sword and a bow strapped on her. She was made when a bunch of the guys wanted to go decimate GE groups as a full group of female avatars, not to go RP.

#5.) How am I making you a new account on my mobile at 11am SLT, so 2pm my time on a Friday. I’m at work. Also, who the fuck uses the term “full stop” other then you who “studies creative writing”?

#6.) That’s weird, I’m pretty sure I own that hair. Also, why am I calling you a silly girl? Are you fetishizing me now? Do I come off as Dominant to you? I’m concerned.

#7.) What the fuck is this sentence? No one in their fucking right mind who has ever interacted with me would ever think I would type something like that.

#8.) Again, no one who has ever spoken to me would ever think i’d use the term, “deets”. Details, bitch. You obviously are overlooking them if you think I’d ever fucking say “deets”.

#9.) What is this? You just said by to me, I just SUPPOSEDLY logged off, so what the hell are you even talking about. The whole discussion before this like in no way was in any way in reference to something you’d be uncomfortable about, so where did you accidentally mean to type this line? When I was “giving you the deets”?

I can’t even.

#10.) Woah, hold your horses there. You totally went from zero to a hundred. This is a bit too obvious, you know? You’ve been “talking to this person for months” but your instant reaction was YOU GAVE IT TO VERINNE THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE DOING THE WHOLE TIME.

I wasn’t even talking to you for a month and I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

#11.) This here is the only valid piece of chat log. I have the portion of it in my chat log also shown. This is the single piece of chat log that made her assume Amphetamine Resident was my alt, and I’ve always had her, and I made her, and I use her.

Oh, bonus answer time!

#12.) Here we see I have a meeting apparently. I asked numerous people and SL chat logs are kept with SLT time, in Military time. Which means 22:26 is 10:26PM SLT. I’m SLT +3, so my job better be giving me some crazy good overtime if I’m going to a meeting at 1:26am EST.

The gyazo’s at the end are simply her gyazos of the same chat she’s pretending is real.
I’ll be here for your next shitty attempt to discredit me, but you might want to stop. You’re really just making it worse for yourself.


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