2016 & Awesome Sauce.


Boy, another year huh?

2016 has started off as a year of great loss for many of us. The loss of my own personal icon — and first love and crush, David Bowie, and also Alan Rickman, who single-handedly melted my heart and made me swear allegiance to Slytherin. My first few posts for this blog in this year will be in tribute to these two amazing men, however, I wanted to take a moment and talk about this blog in general.

This is an old blog. I can’t even remember when it started, but every blog post ever written is still back in the archives. Sadly, when I was a victim of some petty feelings, I lost all of my old images beyond what posts actually have visuals. I wish that legacy was still available to see. Still, we press on.

The reason I want to talk about Awesome Sauce is because blogging isn’t how it used to be. Blogging isn’t something that only a handful of people do anymore, and fantasy blogging isn’t a tiny handful of girls who know each other by name anymore these days either.

I’ve struggled with coming back to blogging because of just that. What makes you a good blogger these days? What should you be doing, and why should you do it? Isn’t there someone else who might just post the exact same thing as you? With so many bloggers these days, why should I even bother now?

I was considered one of the best fantasy and Gor-based bloggers many moons ago, but that is because there were less then you could count on two hands of us, and all of us were unique and dynamic. Can I still be considered this?

I think, truly, I miss blogging. I always enjoyed it. I struggle right now with cleaning my inventory, not because I don’t want to blog, but because it’s overwhelming. I didn’t keep myself organized at the height of my blogging and I ended up with a mess bigger then I could handle.

With that said, I plan on coming back. I’ll be cleaning out my blogroll, and my sidebar in the coming weeks. I know I’m not the girl with the fanciest images, but I still like to play with me virtual barbie enough to share it with you all.

The picture used in this post was taken and edited by Skyefaise Resident of herself and I. I love her and her support for me returning to blogging. <3 

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