WTF. 08.14.2014 [Meow-kyrie]

Hair: CALICO – Mylene (We Love RP AUG’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands, Utilizator Kemono (personal made skin to match dead apples tone)

Cirlet, Armlets, Anklets: KEYSTONE – Xani (We Love RP AUG’14)
Crown: MAY’S SOUL – Ave Maria (We Love RP AUG’14)
Pauldrons: IEQED – Rose Pauldrons (We Love RP AUG’14)
Wings: TRAP – White Riven Wings (We Love RP AUG’14)
Bracers: NOODLES – Kara Leather Bracer (We Love RP AUG’14)
Loin Cloth: THE FORGE – Loin Cloth (We Love RP AUG’14)
Neckplate & Breastplate: ALCHEMY – Lok Armor (We Love RP AUG’14)

Tail: AISLING – Wolf Tail
Ears: MUTATION INDUSTRIES – Cat Person Parts (no longer available)

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