[HAIR.] Hair Fair 2014

This years hair fair is absolutely amazing! I’m still working my way up to buying everything I want, but so far this is my current batch of hair. The hair above is from a store that’s new to me, MAG and a link to their mainstore is on our right sidebar. While they don’t have a super white non-greyscale platinum blonde (this is the lightest tone they have), it’s still gorgeous and it’s a really pretty color. I think I enjoy it more because it’s not yellow, but more a pink undertone. Of course, I’d love if they had a super white, but you never know, it could happen in the future!


These are a few of the ones available from lelutka. I could make the same complaint about their lightest tone (which is above), that I enjoy it, because it’s not too yellow, but it’s also not as light as I would like. Still, I love them all the same. Lelutka is probably the store I base all of my hair purchases off of. If your price is higher then them, I have to really think about it, because I think they are one of the top in the hair market. That’s probably mean of me, but it’s just how I’ve ended up comparing.



Lastly is the rest of my collection. From the left would be: Ison, Ison, Moon & Exile. Now here you can kind of get an idea of how light I like my hair to be. I guess I like to pretend I’m a ghost or a snow child, or something. If everyone could give me a hair color this light but still have strand definition, I would love them forever. I know, I’m selfish, but hey, I like being washed out.

Still, there will probably be more hair soon. I do fairs like this in parts, so I don’t get overwhelmed or get super impulsive on buys. I find I’m happier with my purchases if I don’t just buy everything I like right off the bat, but spread it out during the events duration. Head over to the Hair Fair Blog for the list of their sims and which stores are on each one (there are four sims, plus a few bordering for off sim shopping).


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