WTF. BACKLOG38 [In The Gardens]

While I don’t roleplay anyone from Highgarden, I was visiting when I put this outfit together, which might be why I ended up wearing some flowers. The dark is probably a good contrast to remind myself and others that I’m not from Highgarden and from a House that is currently supporting Aegons Conquest (The sim is during the beginning of the Conquest). It’s a nice change for Gor, to say the least! Another dress from this round of We Love Roleplay!

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: SPELLBOUND – Serenity
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands

Jewelry Set: YUMMY – Winter Flower
Dress: DRIFT – Royal Reign Dress (We Love RP July ’14)
Arm Cuffs: SWEET POISON – Chunky Cuffs

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