WTF. 07.06.2014 [A Drop Of Dragons Blood]

While I don’t roleplay a full blooded Targaryen, I do play a half-blood from my mothers side with a Valyrian descended Father. The Celtigars and Velaryons fled Velaryia with the Targaryens when Daenys had a Dragon Dream premonition of the fall and destruction of Valyria and they made their homes on other islands off the coast of Westeros. I’m a Celtigar, and all three Valyrian families interwed closely, the Velaryon House married in quite a bit. Regardless, “A Drop Of Dragons Blood” is just a term of when there may be Targaryen blood with the power of the Dragons with it. I thought this outfit seemed strong but elegant, the grey corset on this dress almost reminding me of being actually metal, as if it was yet another piece of delicate armor.

Majority of this outfit is all from this round of We Love Roleplay. If I haven’t shown you all enough stuff by now, just click on the logo in the right column to head over and see for yourself.

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Lora in Bone Tone (We Love RP July ’14)
Hair: SPELLBOUND – Gwendalynn (We Love RP July ’14)
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Danaerys & Sea)
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Slink Hands

Crown: KEYSTONE – Freyja Crown (FREE GIFT) (We Love RP July ’14)
Pauldrons/Collar: BLACK PEARLS – The Fallen Collar
Medallion: EMPYREAN FORGE – Alder Medallion
Bracers: RANDOM MATTER – Crowley Bracer (We Love RP July ’14)
Finger Claws: RANDOM MATTER – Crowley Finger Claw (We Love RP July ’14)
Hand Chainmail: AISLING – Darshana Hand (We Love RP July ’14)
Dress: PEQE – Mermaid (We Love RP July ’14)

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