[REVIEW] Sinful Needs Fitmesh Breasts

So, there has kind of been an explosion with rigged (fitmesh) breasts around the grid I’ve noticed. Lolas released their Delicq, I’ve seen Cherry Bombs, Gummies, Puffy I think released a rigged version. I’ve demo’d them all (minus the Lolas because, well…) I heard in a group chat about the Sinful Needs fitmesh breasts and picked up their demos (store slurl on our right sidebar!). At that time they only had two of their three versions released but even then, I was hooked on how they fit me — including how they moved with physics enabled. I’ll be showing you just about everything about these babies, just because I want to and because people need to see the amazing amount of options Galathir of Sinful Needs has put out for people, which I feel like is far more then other stores have done.

First off, I want to talk about the sets. There are three different sets: Venus, Fiore and Deyn. Venus was the original release, with the standard breast sizes, but there are now two other options for you: Fiore, which is extremely large and in my opinion perfect competition for the milk breasts, if you weren’t really in to their milk game, and Deyn, which is probably the smallest set of rigged mesh breasts out there currently that look realistic.




Now, I know the text is hard to read, so please click any images to be directed to flickr, where they are at higher sizes and resolutions, but for reviews sake, I’m going to just talk about it. Here are comparisons of the breasts, and for continuities sake, I kept my breast sliders all at the same for each image, which is why some of the sizes look a bit odd or warped (Breast Size 53, Breast Buoyancy 38, Breast Cleavage 36). One main thing the Sinful Needs breasts offer are three different size changes in each actual package. If you buy the Deyn set, it offers you three (slight, modest, & ample) to choose from, just so you can get the exact size breast you want. The same goes for Venus and Fiore, making it easier for you to get exactly what you want without having to fully depend on your sliders, which can be a pain.

Another highlight, that I can’t really show is, is that they come with two tattoo layers, which means they are layering options that go under the nipple layer, which is made for things like tattoos or freckles, and then the two standard bra and top layers, allowing for you to wear more things together. Like all rigged mesh breasts however, you will run in to layers disappearing if there are alpha channels. Galathir sent out a great notecard explaining this in detail to his Sinful Updates group and I suggest you read up on it. If your skin is also disappearing on your breasts (or full mesh avatars when layering alphas), then talk to your skin creator about making sure their skin appliers are 24bit pngs, removing the alpha channels of 32bit pngs. Again, this is all talked about in his notecard.

Something I don’t see many people do is mention the HUDS that most of our body parts come with. Here is both visuals of each piece of the hud, because they can be a bit important. The first, obviously, is for selecting textures and tinting. Here you can even find multiple textures for their piercings (which can still be tinted) as well as your standard saving of tints (just click the down arrows beneath the color picker to save your selected rgb). The important part about this hud is the second part, which allows you to change the repeat, offset and rotations of your textures applied to the breasts. I can’t speak to other huds, but this is definitely something I think is mandatory.

As someone who always had to select my top or bra layer on my unrigged breasts and adjust its repeats and offset on just about everything, it was make or break for me if I was able to still be able to do it. Though, I’ve found that the rigged mesh take better the shirts then my unrigged and I have to do very little adjusting. Oh, and if you mess up? Just click the “x venus” and it resets right back to its original location. Thank you!

To round out the immense amount of text, I just wanted to highlight that you have three different types of nipples to choose form, in each set, and each set comes with all of these piercings, what can be worn together if you want! The textures for these piercings are amazing, and you have golds, blacks and silvers in the hud for you to pick from.

If you’ve been hesitant to pick a pair of the new rigged breasts popping up on the grid, I’d suggest heading over and playing with their fully functional demos. You can use all of your lola appliers without having to do anything. Just attach and apply like usual and they will react to them (even the demo). Seriously. Just go stare at your own tits for a while, you’ll love it.

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: TRUTH – Fleur
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Olive & Sea)
Facial Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Collar: THE FORGE – Chained Collar
Tattoo: LETIS TATTOO – Inermis
Pasties & Undies: BEWPS – Low Rise Lacies & Bow Tango Pasties

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  1. O.O Thank you so much for this review.. i had booby blinkers on for ages and only ever used Lola’s.. but there delicq just didn’t quite cut it for me. I went and bought the Sinful needs ones after i read this and they are PERFECT!
    So thank you again 😀

    1. You’re welcome and I’m glad they were what you were looking for. I wanted this post to have people see what else was out there as well as the options available to them and it’s nice to know it’s helped you. Grats on your great new boobies 🙂

  2. What did you think about the cherry bombs? I want ones that go from naturally perky to milk maid without hesitation.. I can’t decide so far.

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