WTF. 06.19.2014 [Nyx, Mother of Night & Gods]

Tales of Fantasy and We <3 Roleplay are still going strong this month. Both, like usual, offer amazing items. The collar from The Forge is absolutely amazing. I had started missing really grand releases by The Forge and they’re definitely making their way back to where they always were — at the top of the list for armor, weapons, and accessories. You can pick it up in black or gold, at We <3 Roleplay for a discount.

The boobs are new too! I plan on making a big post about them coming up, as there are three versions (one to be released in the next few days), and each has three variations but I think they fit better then what I’ve seen the new tangos do and hey, they had demos! Seriously, I don’t think anyone is going to consider dropping almost 2k lindens without a demo these days. I know I couldn’t and Sinful Needs definitely picked up my fandom.

A few other items of interest would be the halo from Random Matter, which I actually like more and more the longer I look at myself wearing it and the high slit skirt from Peqe. It’s super classy, and honestly, you can wear it in any type of outfit, including a nice casual urban outfit. I just like to pretend I’m a Goddess and stuff too much for that.

About the title. Nyx (Nox) is probably one of my favorite stories of greek/roman deities. I felt kind of “holy mother-y” with the halo, and all the black and gods and goddess vibes made me think of her. (Wiki Link)

Skin: DEAD APPLES – Unreleased Beta (Sorry!)
Hair: MAGIKA – Serene
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Solar I Eyes (Olive & Sea)
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Face Tattoo: PLASTIK – Soul Ink Reloaded (Ege)
Body Tattoo: LETIS TATTOO – Inermis
Hand & Feet Henna: PIMP MY SHIT – Henna #1
Mesh Bits: Loud Mouth, Sinful Needs FitMesh Venus Breasts (Perky), Slink Hands, Cute Azz, Slink High Feet

Halo: RANDOM MATTER – Deucalion Halo (We Love RP June ’14)
Tiara: LUAS – Ishtar Headpiece (Tales of Fantasy June ’14)
Collar: THE FORGE – Eldar Collar (We Love RP June ’14)
Bracer & Arm Guard: PFC – Medusa Bracer and Zeus Arm (Tales of Fantasy June ’14)
Breast Cloth: LUAS – Simply Me
Belt: LUMINARY – Jane Belt (We Love RP June ’14)
Skirt: PEQE – Greek (Hades) (Tales of Fantasy June ’14)

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