[RANT] The State Of Fantasy Blogging.

I haven’t seen anyone actually take a moment and ask themselves, especially people involved in the roleplay community, and more-so, the roleplay and fantasy blogging community, why this is okay to do. What I mean exactly is, spamming everyone, and any group with group notice privileges to anyone in the group, with their blogs. How is this the normal thing to do now? Am I just old fashioned?

The highlighted group notices are actually all the same person, for the same blog, all the same day, in like 2-3 groups. So that’s multiple blog posts in one way — which is totally okay, but they didn’t even have the respect of their own hard work of blogging, to actually title the group post and be at least semi intelligent in regards to a small snippet of why I should check out their blog. Nope, just spam. Is this how blogging has evolved in our community?

I’m sure I probably sound like a bitter blogger, one that has never been invited to blog the fantasy gacha and sure, I would love to. I don’t spam groups with my blog though, so I’m sure my measly views aren’t compared to these blogs — which aren’t even syndicated in the gorean feed. Truly, I cannot stand checking my e-mail and seeing people berating my group offlines with blog posts that have little effort put in to them — be it the post or the outfits themselves.

Of course, I fully support the new and up and coming bloggers, and I know it can be rough to figure out your computers graphics, and finding your own personal style but please, have some pride about what you do and don’t shove your blog down my throat like a pushy door to door salesman. We, as bloggers, need to be more professional then this.

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  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. You took a break for a while, but you were one of the first fantasy bloggers out there. I still follow you from years ago!

  2. listen, you are not OLD FASHIONED, you are just old and stop, i think, because you typed just a lot of bullshits, i dont spam, actually a lot of people follow my blog, and if somebody dont wanna watch it JUST DONT DO ITA, , easy, i dont think it is too hard to get it, plus throwing up crap on people, randomy, as you do, this is not even BE A BLOGGER, so if you think you are a good blogger, you are wrong, make freakin post about your freakin stuff, and stop stickin your nose up other people business, i dont see the different between* NEW POST GUYS CHECK THIS OUT* or * DFSFSASS* wats the matter, but yes hey you are the blogger here, cause YOU ARE GOOD AT TALKIN SHIT BOUT PEOPLE, but you know what? i dont care bout you and all the haters cause*if you have haters it means your doing something right*

    1. I’m old? I’m 25, and my blog is a little over 4 years old. From my opinion, which is what my blog is stating — my opinion, you are spamming a lot of people with blog posts you seem to have no pride about. By that I mean, you don’t even title your group notices. You just hit some keys (I.E. “asdfjkhsdf”) and then paste in your blog post. How does that compel me, someone who isn’t your friend or know who you are or your blog, to want to read your blog? Shouldn’t you want to entice me to see what you’re about?

      I think your comment is rather unprofessional. I didn’t name you, I merely stated that you, and not only you (there are other bloggers out there that do it), seem to not feel like what you do as a blogger deserves the respect you should be expecting. You’re making yourself look bad, both from how you’ve reacted in this comment, and how you project yourself as a blogger in group notices. If you can’t handle my criticism, then I apologize but it is in no way an excuse to tell me I’m a terrible blogger. I told you, and other bloggers, to have pride in their work. Being defensive is one thing, being arrogant and rude is another.

  3. i am not arrogant or rude, and if you put or not my name i could care less about it… i can only handle intelligent criticism, no when someone says * they didn’t even have the respect of their own hard work of blogging, to actually title the group post and be at least semi intelligent in regards to a small snippet of why I should check out their blog. Nope, just spam. Is this how blogging has evolved in our community?* ====> do you wanna do a nice post, talk bout events, new releases, penis and boobs BUT DO NOT TALK BOUT WHO DO NOT GIVE A SINGLE FLYING SHIT BOUT YOU, you talk how bout
    unprofessional i am ttyping fsdfgfgd as title, but well so you are a professional blogger talkin shit bout others? do something new, this fake critical-constructive metod is old already, do something new at least for catch some attentions and PLUS ( and i finish this convo here couse it is being retarded) if i put dffafsgs or NICE OUTFIT CHECK THIS OUT, and i sent it in 4 groups ( like EVERYBODY DOES ) its spam as well, so title or not, spam or not, dont be mad only cause nobody took you for the fantasy gacha as blogger, keep hating, keep talkin, i will keep not giving a shit, xoxo Luxy

    1. You seem to give enough of a flying shit about her to keep coming back and make yourself look even dumber with your caps-lock-for-cool ranting style. It’s a shame you didn’t give that flying fuck about improving your attitude and presentation. 🙁

  4. Hm, last I checked neither were you Luxypoo. In fact, looking at the blogger group right now you aren’t in it. Of course, you could be in it under an alt to avoid an outrage from some makers that know about your deeds. Dear, you cannot handle any criticism or any remarks. 🙂

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