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Our main room, mixed with his strategy table — and weapons to the left, along the wall out of the picture, as well as my witchy herbalism and apothecary stuff, and books, since in character she’s super literate and evil. The curtains lead to the back room, which is the bedroom.

1. Strategy Table: Aisling – Panum Boursinum Table
2. Chaise Lounge: Aisling – Lady Sciarri
3. Gypsy Rug: Kosh – Chaan Rug
4. Apothecary Corner:Dysfunctional Designs – Little Apothecary Station
5. Wall Books: Dysfunctional Designs – Books on a Shelf
6. Hanging Candle Wheels: Rayheart – Rustic Pine Wooden Chandelier
7. Ritual Candles: Envisage:Limitless – Small Ritual Candles
8. Shelf & Medical Bag: Dysfunctional Designs – Physician Tool Shelf
9. Bookcase: Dysfunctional Designs – Rustic Bookcase
10. Curtains: Dysfunctional Designs – Curtains Kit
11. Floor Table & Incense: Aisling – Tera Little Table
12. Herbalist Drawers: Backwoods Mafia – Rustic Sidetable
13. Wash Basin: Dysfunctional Designs – High Wooden Basin
14. Tall Candle Holder: Aisling – Oilbviate Lamp
15. Herbalism Books: Aisling – Kaitlin Books
16. Stack of Books: Lorien – Mesh Books

(High Resolution @ Flickr)

This would be our bedroom of sorts, passed the curtains. A bath tub and wash area is hidden by the dividers, outside of the image. Slave area close to the bed of course, with a chest to hold any type of precious items incase of raiders (yeah right). Fur rugs again, because is there any other kind?

1. Bed: Trompe Loeil – Barrel Bed Brown & Freesia {A}
2. Slave Ring: Ginger Line – ORing v2 all metal RLV
3. Slave Bowls: Lorien – Slave Meal
4. Slave Bed: Dark Forge – Multicover Futon Mesh
5. Slave Study: Painfully Divine – Study Slut
6. Chest: Okami – Fenrir’s Locked Chest
7. Fur Rug: Dysfunctional Designs – Black Fur Round Rug
8. Hanging Rack: Aisling – Endak Coat Rack
9. Wooden Divider: Dysfunctional Designs – High Wooden Divider
10. Banners: Aisling – Pennden Banner

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