WTF. 04.06.2014 [Magical Girl]

Hey all! I know I’m a bit behind on the Sailor Moon bandwagon, and should totally be dressed up in Game of Thrones gear for tonight’s premiere but I just finished making these tiaras (one pictured). I had applied to be a blogger for the current Cutie Moon fair and I guess they didn’t think I was cute enough or a good enough blogger — or get enough traffic (probably true these days) but I didn’t even get a declination notification. I was just left hanging until the day before it opened, I figured I hadn’t been accepted.

Seriously, I remember back in the day when you applied, you were either told you weren’t accepted or a list of accepted bloggers was posted, so that you could see something actually definitive. Being left clueless is really nerve wracking, especially when you’re planning on setting aside some time to blog an event. It would make everyone much happier and less bitter if you’d let people know! On the plus side, if they had let me or let me know, I probably wouldn’t have built this tiara. Good things from the bad, right?

Cutie Moon is still going on, and the event for Game of Throne at The Secret Affair has also started today. Expect today to be a double post day, since I really need to do a GoT inspired outfit (What to do, what to do). Check out the Tiara’s inworld at [twee.] or on marketplace if you’re so inclined. They come in Gold, Silver, Onyx and Rose Gold and each pack includes five different gems or minerals.


Hair: TRUTH – Crys
Eyes: DEAD APPLES – Striking Eyes (Spring & Olive)
Nails: Don’t Remember (Sorry!)
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Mesh Bits: Cute Azz, Slink Medium Feet, Slink Hands

Tiara: *NEW* TWEE. – Magical Girl Tiara (Gold/Ruby)
Top/Corset/Back Bow: FATEPLAY – Rena (Super Heart)
Skirt: NINFANIUM – Mikiki Tutu
Stocking Base: IZZIES – Thigh High Knit Socks
Stocking Bows: ATOMIC – Scout Stockings (Chibi)

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