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I’m just going to put this out there, since I’ve had a few people go crazy on me in the past for the amount of “abuse” I sometimes portray on my avatar.

I don’t promote or condone spousal abuse (male or female). That said, I roleplay in a harsh environment, that is Gor. That is how it is. More-so, I am a masochist. Bruising can sometimes happen from play. Sometimes people who are masochistic need or even want the bruising, as a way to be reminded of the feeling of the pain, which, to many of us, is therapeutic.

If you do not understand, educate yourself. Do not harass or call names to people who live differently then you.

With that said, if you think someone is suffering from domestic abuse, talk to them about it. You can easily differentiate the difference by how a person reacts to your concerns.

Skin: PINK FUEL – Sora
Hair: EXILE – Sugar High
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (Azure & Green)
Eyebrows: BUZZERI – Lyra Brows
Face Makeup: TULI – Mask
Face Bruising: MUSE – Nose Job
Nails: SLINK – Default in Nude
Piercing: TWEE. – Liska (modded)
Teeth: DEETALEZ – Tongue with piercing
Mesh Bits: Slink Hands, Slink Flat Feet
Body Bruising: LARS WORKSHOP – Heavy Bruising
Leg Juices: MOTHERFUNKEN – Sloppy Slut Juice
Slapped Ass: SMUT MUFFIN – Red Ass Cheeks

Chain Top: SOEDARA – Rogue Sirik
Arm Warmers: CELLARDOOR – Espen
Leather Top: MONS SAVAGE
Hip Pouches: BINA – Tende
Ear Cuffs: PADIDDLE – Fringed Cuff
Earrings: HEBENON VIAL – Skeleton Key Earrings
Face Chains: ELLABELLA – Aurora
Leg Warmers: PERLE – Legwarmers
Thong: RANDOM INSPIRATION – White Cameltoe Thong

“Wings”: EZ WEAPONRY – Arya Boomerage
Blowgun: EZ WEAPONRY – Irdu Blowdart

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