〘♢〙Heroes Never Die.

My waifu made these super cute Mercy inspired collars for all you other basic bitch Mercy mains like myself. (no hand editing, just post processing)

〘♢〙Girl, Bye.

Just a fun picture. I have a lot of credits to do, but this one may or may not get them, since it was more personal fun then for blogging ♡ ♡

〘♢〙 Timorous

I misplaced my credit list for this one, so it’ll be short this time around. Apologies!

Sync’D Motion__Originals – Indencente

This slow and sexy set was at the most recent round of blush. If you need to add to your collection for your weekend light night parties at popular places like The Bay, then this will definitely spice it up for those slower, sexier songs. I like to watch myself dance around with it while listening to slow trance. I …